1. Brush with fluoride toothpaste morning and night.

Adults should use only a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. Young children under 6 years of age should use a smear of toothpaste only. 

2. Floss daily.
Clean between your teeth daily with floss or other oral hygiene aides such as interdental brushes or flossettes. 
3. Enjoy treats in moderation.
The World Health Organization recommends consuming 6 or less teaspoons (24 grams) of added sugar per day to decrease your risk of tooth decay. This is based on the diet of an average adult. 
4. Chew sugar free gum after meals, treats and drinks.
Choose to chew sugar free gum after meals and treats when out and about. 
5. Make water your drink of choice.
Water is tooth-friendly and the best drink to keep your body hydrated. 
6. Visit your dentist regularly.
Your dentist can provide advice on how often you should attend for a general dental check-up based on your oral health. For most people this will be every 6 or 12 months. 
This video was created by Extra Oral Healthcare Program together with the Australian Dental Association.