Australian Dental Association Dental Health Foundation (ADA DHF)
Written by Australian Dental Association Dental Health Foundation (ADA DHF), Nov 22, 2023
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The ADA Dental Health Foundation (ADA DHF) is a charity that seeks to improve the dental health of Australians who cannot easily access or afford dental care.

The charity coordinates the delivery of dental treatment to disadvantaged members of the community. This treatment is provided by volunteer dentists at no cost to the patient.

To access dental care through the ADA DHF, clients must be being supported and referred by a registered charity or not for profit organisation.

The ADA Dental Health Foundation has three volunteer programs.

Dental Rescue Days

Dentists and their staff provide treatment to a group of patients on a designated day within their practice. There are no costs for this treatment. 

Adopt a Patient

Volunteer dentists are matched with a patient who needs dental care. The dental practice will 'adopt' the patient to provide a course of treatment.

Rebuilding Smiles®

The Rebuilding Smiles program helps people who have been affected by domestic or family violence. They may have new damage to their teeth or long-term oral health problems caused by a lack of dental treatment over time.
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