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Written by Dr Elice Chen, Aug 30, 2023
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Two minutes does not sound like a long time – unless you’re the parent of a young child and you’re trying to get them to brush their teeth! It can help if you mix up the routine a little bit with some fun and games, choosing a different toothpaste flavour, or brushing to a favourite song. A fun app may help to motivate kids. I have tried out dozens of Apple apps in 2022, here are a few that you may like to check out! 

The top apps:

  • are designed to be used during toothbrushing time, not just as a game.
  • are free to use, without having to buy a specific product (such as a toothbrush that has Bluetooth), and don’t have disruptive advertising (such as pop-up ads).
  • include a timer that goes for at least two minutes.
  • give oral hygiene advice that agree with current guidelines.

I did not find a perfect app. But my top three picks are below. There are also other apps that are fun, but they did not score as high based on the oral hygiene advice they included. 

Wiggles Brush

This app is a two-minute music video that you can brush along to. The song is catchy, with lyrics that describe brushing round and round. The video is bright and fun and features a diverse range of kids brushing their teeth. You can collect a sticker in the app each time you brush as motivation. However, the song does not remind you where to brush, so you will have to make sure your little one is brushing top and bottom teeth, inside and outside, and left and right!


Brush Monster

This app is the best example of a toothbrushing app using augmented reality (AR) technology. When you set up the app, make sure you choose the “Fone’s Method” of brushing in circles, so the animation matches. Using the device camera, it puts a funny filter over the face and a toothbrush that hovers over the section of your mouth that you are guided to brush. It even shows you how to angle the toothbrush! However, it takes around 3 minutes which is a little longer than usually recommended.


Colgate Brushing Adventure

The main cartoons are a surfer girl and a mouth in the corner of the screen. The mouth highlights the section of your teeth you are being guided to brush. The song is catchy with really good instructions for brushing. However, it spends more time on the front teeth and not as much time on the back teeth.

Summaries of other available dental apps.

Top tips for brushing:
  • Use a toothbrush with soft bristles.
  • Brush gently in circles around the teeth and gums.
  • Brush twice a day for two minutes each time.
  • Brush all surfaces of all teeth – top and bottom, front and back, left and right, inside and outside!
  • Kids can start using a low fluoride toothpaste from 18 months old – check the age on the label, or check that the fluoride concentration is 500ppm (parts per million). These toothpastes are called ‘children’s’ toothpaste. When adult teeth start growing at around 6 years old, they can use an adult toothpaste with more fluoride. The label will often say 1000ppm of fluoride. Chat with your dentist if you have any questions – some kids may need different amounts of fluoride if they have a larger risk of getting tooth decay. 
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