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Advocacy Timeline

August 2014

The ADA warned Senators that patient choice will be eroded and clinical autonomy of practitioners undermined if private health insurers continue to extend preferred provider arrangements.

November 2014

Dental disease, such as caries and gum disease are in many cases preventable. The ADA called on Private Health Insurance to better support preventive and restorative services.

December 2014

Although the ADA congratulated Ministers on the successful sale of Medibank Private, President Dr Rick Olive AM RFD called upon the government to not take a "light touch," to PHIs.

January 2015

Ross Greenwood spoke to Dr. Rick Olive from the ADA about proposed hikes to private health insurance.

January 2015

In reponse to the closure of PHIAC and the PHIO, the ADA expressed concerns that the experience and resources made available may be reduced or lost when merged into other government sections.

January 2015

Private health insurance premiums have increased far beyond the other increases to cost of living and health services in general.

February 2015

The ADA raises questions over PHI conduct that negatively impacts consumers’ expenses, their ability to access quality healthcare as well as open competition in the delivery of dental health care.

April 2015

ADA stands by the view that the Commonwealth Ombudsman, in assuming the role of Private Health Insurance Ombudsman, needs to provide consumers with an avenue to address PHI issues.

April 2015

Contrary to the PHI spokesman's claims, reports have shown an increased differential, since 2001-2002, between the revenue from general treatment polices and rebates for general treatment.

May 2015

The ADA seeks confirmation that APRA will continue to provide members of the public with the information needed to make informed choices about PHI.

May 2015

The ADA says that private health insurers should be legally obligated to give consumers sufficient information about rebates or informed financial consent before they buy cover.

June 2015

ADA President, Dr Rick Olive goes to the airwaves to urge Government to spend more time scrutinising the Private Health Insurance Bills, ensuring Australians are empowered to make informed choices.

June 2015

The ADA urges the Australian Parliament to spend more time scrutinising the Private Health Insurance Bills to ensure that regulators are empowered to help consumers make informed choices.

July 2015

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) supports Calvary in its protests against attempts by Medibank Private to dictate the terms on which healthcare is provided in Australia.

August 2015

The ADA sounded the alarm about profit-driven private health insurers' (PHI) increasing interference in the practice and provision of dental care for patients.

October 2015

ADA says that PHI reforms must focus on the interests of consumers through greater transparency about rebates and ensuring the clinical independence of healthcare providers.

October 2015

The Australian Dental Association said insurers “deliberately pitch advertising and various levels of cover to make it difficult for policy holders to compare the levels of cover on offer”.

December 2015

The ADA made a submission responding to the main issues raised during roundtable discussions with the government and proposes reform measures.

February 2016

The ADA calls on the government to take into account whether the insurers' policy rebates are keeping pace with the health and overall cost of living increases.

April 2016

The ADA calls for action to be taken to address PHI conduct such as' out-of-pocket costs, the ability to access quality healthcare and open competition in the delivery of dental services.

June 2016

The ADA expressed concern regarding the advertising of health insurance; In particular that insurers are misleading the majority of Australians to believe that they will receive a tax benefit when none will be forthcoming.

June 2016

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission warned Australians to be alert to potentially misleading claims about the tax benefits of obtaining private health insurance.

July 2016

In a submission by president Dr Rick Olive, the ADA said the way some private health insurers were already behaving should be a warning on the perils of data sharing.