The Australian Dental Association has worked with SugarByHalf to create school lessons that integrate oral health and nutrition into core subject areas. Providing a real-word spin to routine schoolwork. These lessons have been created by Cool Australia, a leading education not-for-profit organisation. At Cool Australia, the lessons are made by teachers for teachers, they are curriculum aligned, easily adapted, and created positive change through action-based education.

The best part is that these teaching resources are FREE.

Maths Years 5 & 6

Understanding the Nutrition Information Panel
Math unit that teaches students how to evaluate the sugar content of the food that they are eating. It introduces and contextualises the Nutrition Information Panel (NIP), explains its key features, and touches on the way in which different figures can be manipulated or changed to increase perceived nutritional value.

These lessons have proved popular since their 2020 release. They have sat in Cool Australia's top 100 downloaded lessons.

Four lessons are part of this unit. 

1) Portion Problems

2) Ranking Sugar Percentages

3) Investigating 'Lite' Foods

4) Multiplication and Menus 

Unit: Science – Years 9-10

Sugar, Acids, and Tooth Decay

This unit explores the way in which sugar increases your risk of tooth decay. It explores the familiar topic of acids and bases with a social action twist, using the lens of oral health to reinvigorate the teaching. 


Four lessons are part of this unit of work.
1) The Power of pH

2) Where's the Acid?

3) The Solution to Tooth Decay

4) Communicating the Science of Tooth Decay

Oral Health Early Learning to Year 2


Guardians of the Gums

This unit is based on the purpose-built storybook, Guardians of the Gums. The superhero team and their oral health messages are engaging for young students with appealing characters and visuals. The easily understood messaging teaches students how sugar is hidden in many of the foods we consume daily, how it harmfully impacts teeth, and how to protect their teeth.

The Guardians of the Gums book is also available as a shortened early-learning book. The original e-book can be downloaded for free as part of the lesson plans or here.

The early learning e-book can be found here.

The Guardians of the Gums hardcopy book can be purchased from the Shop

There are six lessons part of this unit. 

1) Meet the Team

2) Teeth and Plaque

3) Hidden Sugar

4) How Sugar Attacks

5) Advertising

6) Spread the Word
These lessons were created in collaboration with SugarByHalf and Cool Australia.