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Written by the Australian Dental Association, Apr 02, 2023
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Dental services around Australia continue to care for their patients as we all battle through the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Practices around the country where there are no stay at home restrictions and low numbers of COVID-19 cases will be able to look after all of your dental health needs, including seeing you for your regular check up and clean. In areas where there are stay at home restrictions, people are still allowed to visit the dentist for necessary dental care and It is important that you do not put off or delay going to the dentist if you are experiencing dental problems.

Maintaining your oral health is more important now than ever and we’d encourage you to keep in contact with your dentist and to use the information on this page to help you to manage your dental health.

Is it safe to visit the dentist?

Australian dental clinics have the highest infection control standards in the world. The safety of patients and dental teams is a key part of Australian dental clinic care. If needed, dentists may take extra precautions to keep you safe during the pandemic.

You should not delay dental treatment if your dentist is open and able to help.

If you are required to quarantine, or you are experiencing cold or flu symptoms, please delay your dental appointment until you are better and get tested for COVID-19.

How can I find a dentist that will see me?

The Australian Dental Association has a list of dental practices that are safely treating patients for emergency dental treatment only. If your usual dentist is unavailable, you can find someone to help you using the ADA's Find A Dentist search engine. 

In states or territories where a public health directive has been issued by the state government, your usual dentist may not be able to see you. Please contact your dentist for advice if there is a health directive in your state. 

What should I expect if I do see my dentist?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, additional steps are being taken to stop the spread of the virus. You might see an empty waiting room or there may be social distancing requirements. You may also be asked to wash your hands or use hand sanitiser when you arrive at the dental clinic. 

If you have any questions about these additional steps please ask your dentist.

Can I be treated for a dental emergency if I have COVID-19?

If you need urgent dental care and think you may have COVID-19, it is important to call your dentist and talk about your situation.

If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and have a dental emergency, dental treatment is available as an in-patient or within a hospital setting by appropriately trained and credentialled dental personnel.

More information

For more information and resources, visit the Australian Dental Association's Covid Portal for the public