• Policy Index

    If you're looking for a particular policy, this is a good place to start with a full listing of every policy grouped under their relevant sections.

  • Administration and Governance

    ADA policies are the foundation of its public statements and governance and should conform to a strict set of criteria.

  • National Oral Health

    Dentistry is an essential service and all people living in Australia, without exception, should have full and equal access to its benefits including education on the importance of oral health and how it affects general health and overall well-being.                                   

  • Dental Workforce, Education and Training

    The dental workforce should be properly trained, have adequate employment opportunities and non-dental practitioners should be educated about oral health.

  • Professional Development

    Continuing Professional Development is necessary for sustained quality patient care and professional growth.

  • Third Parties

    The role of third parties should be to ensure that the relationship between dentists and patients is never compromised.

  • Dental Practice

    Dentists must be aware of the many factors influencing the practice of dentistry with the focus always on ensuring the welfare of patients.

  • Representation, Affiliation & Recognition

    To be effective on a national level, the ADA must be conversant with current international events, issues and trends, something that is achieved by our membership of the FDI World Dental Federation.