Our Structure


The Australian Dental Association is a not-for-profit professional membership organisation. Its members include the great majority of practicing dentists, nearly all students of dentistry and a committed cohort of retired dentists.  

As a professional association and an incorporated entity, the true 'owners' of the ADA are its members. In order to provide more formal leadership and direction, the ADA adopted a Constitution in 1928 that empowered elected members to govern the organisation.

At a national level, the ADA is governed by the Federal Council, which is responsible for the strategic direction, vision, and high level operation of the Association. Federal Council comprises 17 Councillors elected by ADA Branches in each state and territory. Branch Presidents attend Federal Council meetings so Councillors can gain the views of Branches during discussions however they do not vote and are not considered part of the governance group.

On an annual basis the Federal Council elects five Federal Councillors to the Federal Executive, comprising a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and two Executive Councillors.  

The Federal Executive is subject to the general control and direction of the Federal Council. It can, however, make financial and operational decisions for the purpose of implementing any objects, policies and powers of the Association to ensure that the strategic outcomes set out by Federal Council are achieved.

Federal Council and Executive are supported by an experienced staff and a range of specialist committees all working toward supporting the membership and improving Australia's oral health.

The ADA maintains an active presence in every state and territory via its Branches who provide education and face-to-face assistance to members, delivering public oral health advisory services, and advocating on issues impacting key stakeholders in a particular state or territory.

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  • Federal Council

    The Federal Council is responsible for the strategic direction, vision, policy and high level operation of the Association.

  • Federal Executive

    The five member Federal Executive makes financial and operational decisions to ensure that the goals of the strategic plan set down by Federal Council are achieved.

  • Standing Committees

    A full listing of the members of the ADA committees who provide expert advice to the Federal Executive and contribute to the policies of the Association.

  • Our People

    Your ADA leadership team are committed to providing ample opportunities for your professional growth and development, and that of the profession as a whole.